What enables you to do your best work?

Considering most of us spend about a third of our life at work, we probably don’t ask ourselves this question enough. The purpose of the workshop is to address this question and find an answer that really works for you.

You'll learn about a concept called 'flow' (an optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and you perform your best), you’ll reflect on and share experiences with others and we'll teach you specific techniques for how you can focus your attention and avoid digital distractions.

It's going to transform how you do your work, enable you to get better results and feel less stressed while you do it.

“In two hours in flow, I can accomplish tremendous things!” - Richard Branson

This workshop is for you if:

  1. You want to be more productive at work.
  2. You’ve tried lots of productivity techniques already but they haven’t worked.
  3. You find yourself getting distracted way too easily by your mobile phone.
  4. You sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of emails you get.
  5. You spend too much time working in the business and not enough working on it.
  6. You get stressed out because there aren’t enough hours in the day.
  7. You want to find a way to enjoy your work more.

What you’ll take away

  • Discover what the conditions for achieving flow are and how they apply to you.

  • Generate a better understanding of what enables you to do your best work.

  • Learn practical techniques for improving focus and avoiding distractions at work.

What people are saying about it

“It was a fantastic, informative and interesting workshop with very useful hacks to make productivity better. On top of that, I learnt what flow is. I’m confident my awareness will assist me in getting into it more!” - Asia (Commercial, Innovation & Technology Legal Team, Barclays)

“Great tips! I’ve been using some of these for a while now and they’ve really helped me to improve my focus at work. The one that was particularly helpful was how to adjust my colour filter on my phone by tapping my home button three times.” - Joris (entrepreneur/technology and productivity enthusiast)

“The flow workshop gave me an opportunity to reflect on the way I work and share experiences. I’ve learnt practical techniques that I’m definitely going to apply to my job.” Dolly (Digital Product and Service Designer, Provenance)

Case Study - American Express


Here’s a list of the content and timings for the 1 hour version of the workshop (other versions available on request).

1. Introduction (15 mins) - What is ‘flow’?

- Introduce the concept of flow and identify the conditions necessary for achieving it.

2. Activity (15 mins) - Flow worksheets

- Complete the Flow Worksheet in pairs. They reflect on experiences of being in flow and identify key blockers.

3. Sharing (15 mins) - Flow discussion

- Share experiences of flow and favourite techniques for getting into it at work using Slido.

4. Presentation (5 mins) - How to stop getting distracted by your phone

- Present 7 easy tips for managing your phone usage in a more effective way.

5. Application (10 mins) - How are you going to apply what you’ve learnt?

- Discuss the key learnings from the session and individuals decide what they are going to do differently as a result.

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Nicholas Himowicz

Nicholas has spent the last 8 years designing and delivering premium coaching and training programmes for business leaders.

He focuses on helping people improve their communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation and productivity skills.

Nicholas has an MSc in International Management with Innovation. He's a certified yoga teacher and a Master Practitioner in NLP.

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