Improve meetings and make faster decisions.

Meetings are an important part of the collaboration process. But, they just aren’t as efficient as they need to be, especially in the digital world.

In this workshop, we’ll show you a simple technique (called the Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono) for improving meetings based on the brain’s different modes of thinking.

First, you’ll identify the key challenges you face in your business. Then, everybody will be invited to contribute their ideas, opinions and experiences in a structured way.

This method is used by FTSE 100 companies, Nobel Prize winning scientists, universities and schools around the world.

It will transform how you work with others both face to face and via conference calls.

This workshop is for you if:

1. You’re annoyed by how much time is wasted in meetings.
2. You’re frustrated by how long it takes for decisions to get made.
3. You get invited to meetings you don’t think are relevant for you.
4. You notice how more quiet members of the team aren’t given a chance to speak.
5. You get annoyed with people from other teams because they ‘just don’t get it’.
6. You attend meetings that don’t have a clear purpose or agenda.

What you’ll take away

  • Discover how IBM was able to reduce the average time spent in meetings by 70%.

  • Learn how to get the best work out of your team and reduce stress for everyone.

  • Get a fresh perspective on the Six Thinking Hats Methodology by Edward de Bono.

What people are saying about it

"Learning the importance of how I think, via the apps analogy, was incredible. It helped me understand how to implement more positive and powerful types of thinking." - Greg Moore, (Data and Insights Manager, Freeformers)

"I thoroughly enjoyed how they took a well established approach and presented it in a modern way. It was great to learn and apply. I feel energised and loved the style of the workshop." - Claudia Ruiz (General Counsel Organisation, American Express)

"One of the biggest takeaways was how to structure your thinking in a more positive way and how not to cloud your mind with too many categories of thinking." - Elliott Ross Dalrymple (Creative Learning Director, Created Academy)

Case Study - American Express


Here’s a list of the content and timings for the 2 hour version of the workshop (other versions available on request).

1. Introduction (10 mins) - What does collaboration mean for your team?

- Identify key ingredients to good collaboration and share in word cloud using Slido polling app.

2. Presentation (15 mins) - What are Mindapps?

- Introduce the concept of Mindapps and explain how it applies to the Six Thinking Hats methodology by Edward de Bono.

3. Practice (60 mins) - Apply the method to the challenges you want to solve

- Take key business challenges and identify solutions in small teams using the Six Thinking Hats methodology.

4. Sharing (30 mins) - Pitch solutions

- Teams share their solutions with the rest of the group in a 60 second pitch.

5. Reflection (5 mins) - How are you going to apply what you learnt?

- Group discusses the key learnings from the session.

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Nicholas Himowicz

Nicholas has spent the last 8 years designing and delivering premium coaching and training programmes for business leaders.

He focuses on helping people improve their communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation and productivity skills.

Nicholas has an MSc in International Management with Innovation. He's a certified yoga teacher and a Master Practitioner in NLP.

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